J.H. Southcott

J.H. Southcott Industries has been operating in South Australia since the 1920s, providing engine reconditioning and specialist machining services to many thousands of customers in this time.

This includes services to some of the state’s major transport, mining, and infrastructure companies.Another part of our business today involves restoration of engines and components, instead of reconditioning – as we enjoy overhauling the diverse range of engines used in classic, vintage, and veteran vehicles.

Whether it be cars, motorbikes, tractors, trucks, boats, or stationary engines– we never cease to be amazed by the range of different brands and types of engines that keep coming to our workshop.


With a number of these engines, components have had to be made, modified, or specially ordered – and in some cases tooling has also had to be made to enable us to complete the job. But this is what we do, and we enjoy doing it !

We also work on, and build – high performance engines. Whether it be a high output modern turbo engine, or an old school supercharged V8, we have the experience and knowledge to handle all projects.

Recently we’ve restructured our workshop to include more services, with our passion being all things automotive – and specialising in all things pre-1980.
We have a very dedicated team of technical staff who can help people with their projects – be it a hot rod, race car, street machine, classic restoration, etc. We’ll work on it, finish it off for you, make it from start to finish, or undertake any other help you require.