Engine & Machining

In providing machining services to many engine builders around the state, we listen to their requests and specific requirements – as we’ve found that most engine builders best understand the environment and application their engine will be used in.We also respond to their specific requirements regarding surface finishes, tolerances, and machining processes.

With J.H. Southcott – we have nearly 150 years of combined engine reconditioning and automotive experience to draw on. We’re continually looking for new methods and technologies to incorporate in our business – to provide further enhancement to our processes.

In our business we cater for the early three main bearing, slow reving flat head motors of the late 1800’s and early 1900s – through to the modern quad cam, four valve per cylinder short piston skirtey – high reving, high output – later model engines. Both have hugely different machining requirements, that we relate to accordingly.

Complete Machine Shop Services

• All forms of welding
• 50 Tonne press
• Axle bearings pressed
•  All milling and lathe work
•  Manifolds machined flat
•  Air conditioning alloy hoses welded
•  Flywheels machined and lightened

• Crack testing
• Metal stitching
• Thread repairs
•  Huge selection of helicoils
•  Cam bearings fitted
• Engine building & detailing
• Engine fitting available

JH Southcott

Other Services

  • Full parts locator service
  • We’re able to help get hard to find engine or restoration parts
  • Direct shipments from the USA
  • We regularly source parts and engines directly from America for our customers
  • Advice on all aspects of your project
  • We have the experience to provide practical advice and assistance.
  • Hard to get engines sourced
  • We’ve had a lot of success sourcing classic or performance engines
JH Southcott